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I am a former IT manager laid off after nineteen and a half years. After acquiring a great deal of experience in a variety of areas in IT, I am beginning a new direction in website maintenance and design. Below is my resume and a list of current courses completed. If I can be of service, feel free to contact me.

Completed online Web Design courses from UDEMY:
WordPress for Beginners: Create a Website Step by Step (1/17/19)
Complete WordPress Website Business Course (2/19/19)
SEO Training: Get Traffic to Your Website With SEO (2/26/19)
Adobe PhotoShop CC – Essentials (11/18/19)

Completed online SEO courses from Yoast Academy:
SEO for Beginners (2/27/19)
SEO for WordPress (block editor) (2/28/19)
Yoast All-Around SEO (8/19/19)

David Barham successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress (block editor) course!
David Barham successfully completed the All-around SEO course!
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